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Platan Sp. z o.o.  is a leading Polish manufacturer of digital IP PBX and telecommunications servers. The company's equipment meets the highest requirements of our customers - from small and medium-sized companies and to large companies, government and public institutions, law enforcement agencies and emergency services. Equipment Platan uses more than one million Poles, as well as companies in the Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States.

On the Ukrainian market presented four stations of the PBX product line of the company Platan: Prima mini, Prima, Micra, PBX Server Libra and IP PBX Server Proxima.

Every third PBX and second small PBX sold in Poland in 2008, were made in the company Platan!

Platan share in the Polish market of PBX in 2008 (by the criterion “ATS sold”) is 32% *, which provided the company a leadership position.

Platan also offers integrated warning system Digitex, which are used for alarm notification, alarm and provide radio communication for rescue services.

Platan systems - is a fully European technology. Own design office and a few dozen highly qualified specialists in the field of telecommunications, computer science and electronics create solutions according to the latest global trends and technologies. All products are flexibly adapted to the needs of customers and market expectations.

The company uses extensive experience founding companies - Digitex and Micronet, which in 1985 was one of the founders of the Polish electronic market, offering solutions from the field of telecommunications and radio communications. Platan - is a guarantee of the production equipment to the latest international standards.

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* The data of the Institute of Electronic Market

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Head office in Kyiv:
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Solomenskaya St., 3-B, office 205
Tel.: +380 (44) 520 2030
Fax: +380 (44) 520 2028
Representative office in Tbilisi:
Georgia, Tbilisi, Tsereteli Ave 116, 0119
Tel.: +995 (32) 234 16 09
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